“Happy childhood, the advantage of learning is in the youth” is the spirit of the youth and children. The key to making children love learning from an early age is to learn happily. The implementation of the school’s curriculum is to inspire children’s potential, pay attention to the development of the whole person, and let children learn in morals, The balanced development of intelligence, body, social group, beauty and spirit , cultivate children’s intellectual curiosity, willingness to learn, learn to take care of themselves, and establish a good and healthy personality .

 Emphasis on learning English : 

        It has been shown all over the world that the age of 0-6 is the golden period of language development, in addition to the mother tongue, we expect students to learn English effectively and be interested in English. Therefore, our school attaches great importance to the learning of English. Every day, we set up a 10 -minute English Assembly during the morning meeting , so that children can be motivated to learn more about English through storytelling, sing along, read aloud, real-life experience, show and tell, dancing, scientific experiment , etc. interest in English. In addition, in addition to the morning meeting, there are English classes every day, hoping to provide more opportunities for students to contact English, cultivate children’s interest in English from an early age, and be willing to express and communicate .

the cultivation of spiritual education and moral education :

   Every morning, the school will share with students the Bible and stories about moral education and character, sing hymns, read Bible verses and pray . Through the words of the Bible, students will be able to know and rely on the Father, and learn to be thankful for everything .

Cultivate the habit of reading in children from an early age :


    “Love reading, use it for a lifetime”, our school is committed to promoting reading culture and expects students to read with joy. Therefore, we let students borrow books to take home every week, so that children can read at home, and encourage parents to make good use of social resources to bring Students borrow books from the library. The school has purchased a gashapon machine . When students have accumulated a certain amount of reading, they can have a gashapon once, and read more “twist”. The purpose of the activity is not only to increase the number of children’s reading, but also to increase the opportunities for parents to read with them , thereby enhancing the parent-child relationship .

Emphasize students’ ability to express themselves and build students’ self-confidence


        Our school-based teaching language is primarily Cantonese. One of the aims of our school is to provide children with opportunities for group discussion and reporting through the “Ask a Day” activity during the theme discussion. We hope to inspire children’s thinking, reasoning, and language skills, and develop students’ self-confidence.